Today And Tomorrow: Digital Signage Trends

July 5, 2017 by guest author, Stuart Armstrong

Guest Post: Sean Matthews, Visix

There’s really no escaping it – digital signage is here, and here to stay. It’s becoming so commonplace that people are starting to expect it when they enter a facility. Soon enough, places that don’t have digital signage will seem quaint and old-fashioned, or sadly out of touch with the times.

Sean Matthews

With so many companies and organizations adopting digital signage, and more big companies getting involved in hardware and software for it, we are reaching a critical mass. Innovation and change is coming to digital signage, with more capabilities and options becoming available every year.

Here’s what the numbers say:

The digital signage market is now estimated to be worth as much as $16 billion worldwide, with estimates for 2022 of between $27 and $33 billion, with an average CAGR of 5.3%. The US currently accounts for around $4 billion of current valuation. Corporate digital signage and campus digital signage are still big sectors, and continue to grow. We’re also seeing rapid growth in retail and outdoor digital signage, as well as hospitality. Use of interactive kiosks is also on the rise, with the highest concentration being in North America.

Current trends in digital signage

The near future of digital signage…

One of the common challenges cited by experts for digital signage is the competition from alternate form of advertising. But digital signage is already much more than just ads – it’s a way to knit together a disparate group of people into a community, and allow access to an unprecedented amount of information quickly and easily. As digital signage gets smarter, the content will become more tailored to people as individuals, while allowing them access to the greater online community at the same time.

This might all seem like some sort of science fiction future to some people (Anyone thinking of Minority Report?), but all this is already happening. The future is now.

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    Well said Sean Matthews,

    Today and Tomorrow: Digital Signage Trends posted by you just 14 hours ago. I also felt the trend of Digital Signage obviously it should be in this era.

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