NanoLumens Adds Infrared-based Touch To Fine Pitch LED Displays

June 9, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta-based LED manufacturer NanoLumens has added infra-red edge sensors to make its narrow pixel pitch LED walls interactive, if needed.

“It used to be extremely difficult to add interactive elements to LED displays, but recent technological breakthroughs have made it much more feasible, practical, and affordable,” says NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope. “Our touch technology is fully integrated onto the display itself and gives our customers the true touch experience they are looking for. ”

It’s possible to do touch on an LED with a glass or a hardened plastic overlay, but that comes with baggage (like trapping heat and making servicing a much bigger deal).

The overlay is there, in part, to protect the fragile LED pixels of the displays, which are at risk of tampering. If the display is going to be in range of prying public fingers (and not in a more controlled, supervised setting), NanoLumens says it can cover the LED modules with a special coating and, if needed, a protective film.

The interactive piece, which can do up to 32-points of touch, can be added to any Nano product, it says, but the focus is on the fine pixel pitch stuff, which goes all the way to a 0.9mm.


“All the new advancements in touch panel technology now allow for durable, high-quality, seamless solutions that can be utilized in all industries,” says Cope in a press release. “This is just the beginning of the integration of interactive elements into the LED display industry, and we are excited to see where it continues to go.”

Leyard also, recently, announced interactive capability for LED, using some sort of permeable overlay that doesn’t trap heat. Heat=bad.


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