Screenly Adds Open Source WordPress Plugin For Digital Signage

June 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Raspberry Pi-centric CMS software firm Screenly has written a plugin for WordPress that allows users to generate simple presentations for a signage network off the blogging and website management platform.

It’s not a replacement for a signage CMS, but more of a means for users on a network that already know WordPress to produce image, text and image or just text slides that can then be scheduled into Screenly as URLs (web pages). More than a quarter of all web pages on the web are developed off WordPress (including this one), so there are a lot of people who know their way around.

It’s open open source tool. There is a lengthy how-to demo on this page if you want to see what all is involved. There are a few companies using WordPress in different ways – including one that uses a popular WordPress slider plugin as the presentation tool.


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