Projects: UK Theatre Lights Up Big Stretched Displays At Entryway

June 1, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Here’s an example of how those stretched 86-inch LG LCD panels are being used away from trade show booths and in the real world – a pair of them gracing the entryway to a refurbished theatre in Dorset, England.

The screens are running custom promotional content for the theatre, including advertising for productions, vendors and show times information.

Sara St. George, Deputy CEO and Head of Sales and Marketing at the Lighthouse theatre, says: “This is an exciting development for Lighthouse, allowing us to deliver an incredible visual experience to our visitors and artists. The screens are part of a new digital strategy that opens up new ways of communicating with our customers. We hope that this investment in the future of our building will continue to attract world class performers and entertainers from all across the globe.”

The install is touted as the first in England using the displays. It was put in by systems integrator Audio Visual Connections and the screens are driven by Allsee. All the signage around the facility has, according to the press release, gone digital.

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