You Had One Job ….

May 18, 2017 by Dave Haynes

From a reader: corporate communications screen at the world headquarters of AmEx.

  1. They’re using smart TVs, not pro displays
  2. Someone didn’t monkey with the settings during set-up, so the bottom 25% of the screen is running what’s effectively an ad banner for LG. The thing is in demo mode. Takes about two clicks on a remote to not have that.

This happens at Wally’s Dry Cleaners, you think, Oh well. But a Fortune 500???

Must be old model, too, based on that phone LG is touting.

  1. Paul Wheeler says:

    That is almost as bad as the sticky note on the digital screens in Nebraska you posted about recently.

    “If it is not easy it will not happen” Sometimes even 2 clicks on a remote is not easy enough.

    What is more likely is that no one at the store level in such a huge corporation is allowed to even touch the TV let alone make any changes because they will “mess it up”.

    I bet Wally’s Dry Cleaning would have fixed this. Small business owners are pretty smart.

    All they need is “simple” – Give anyone “simple” and they will make it work.

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