Sixteen:Nine Podcasts Starts Year Two

April 25, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’ll happily admit that when Sixteen:Nine added a podcast a year ago, I had just about no idea whether anyone would listen, or how long it would last.

Episode 53 (Hugh Coghill-Smith of ONELAN) is up overnight, downloads are approaching 120,000, and the podcast has a companion series focused on digital signage projects.

So there was something to the notion, apparently.

I was admittedly a little worried that I’d run out of people I’d want to talk to, but a year in and there are more than 20 people from my original chat list I’ve yet to find time to get on a mike. I have companies, and PR people, pitching me on being podcast subjects. I’m happy to hear from others who think they have a story to tell, either on the mother-ship weekly podcast or on the Projects podcast that Michael Tutton puts out every second Friday.

Nobody has told me the episodes are too short or too long, which suggests 30-35 minutes is about right. Nobody’s complained about the interview subjects.

Perhaps the one thing I might do a bit differently is not bank so many interviews at a trade show, as they tend to then stack up on a weekly release schedule. ISE was in early February and I am still not through all the interviews done! I might do 4 or 5 at InfoComm instead of 10 or the 12 I did at ISE.

If you are a listener, I’ll happily take suggestions on format and subject matter. I’m curious what listeners think of the quickie interviews I bundled up from ISE and NRF. I think they work and it’s not hard to turn them around quickly. I didn’t, by the way, do that for DSE because I was waaaaay over-committed, despite trying not to be.

Coming up in the next few weeks, you will hear from companies like CityMeo of France, AdMobilize from Miami, Reflect out of Dallas and Pilot TV, from Taiwan.

Thanks for listening and if you are not, why not??? Episodes are free listens (big thanks to Screenfeed for re-upping as sponsor for year 2), and we all have walks to take, dogs to get pulled along by, tedious subways to ride or traffic to crawl in. Listen and learn!

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