Buy Home-Grown, Sure, But Let’s Not Fear The Boogeyman

April 20, 2017 by guest author, Mitch Leathers

Guest Post: Luis Villafane, Maler

Luis Villafane

I love when people reply to my guest posts here.

I really enjoy knowing that someone is reading what I have to say, and that they have something to either add, thank me for, or disagree.

The experience gives a nice “high” to my ego. Do take into account that I am literally in the middle of nowhere, and there are only three people around me that know and understand what I do for a living … (Editor: poor fellow lives by the ocean in NW Spain).

I love when people understand my weird sense of humor, and also get surprised when some people don’t “get” me. Maybe my unconscious humorous mind is too bright for them. Ha!

Anyhow … I have carefully read the post that Dave put up from the NanoLumens CEO, then also re-listened to the podcast. Where to start …

Since it is politics … I only have one thing to say: I grew up in a house where the “head of the household” was expelled from the Spanish Socialist Party for being too pro-Soviet. There was always tons of caviar that visitors brought as presents, (as well as true vodka), and there were always members of the Russian Embassy in my house in Madrid. All of them were members of the party. None had gold teeth. It was a great time for me.

I heard this joke a billion times:

Saint Peter was sent to hell to try and convince Lenin to repent. Three weeks later, God went to find Saint Peter, as he had not returned to heaven.

When God asked him where he was, Saint Peter replied to him – “First, there is no God. Second, I am Comrade Peter, not Saint Peter. Third, come back later, as we are on a Party Assembly.”

You get the point. But I don’t think you need to have my political background to disagree with Rick Cope.

I totally agree and understand with the idea that national administrations should encourage the use of local businesses. I try to do that myself, all the time. But from there, the reason do that is for security … Wow!

That bothers me, mainly because I don’t think his comment really applies to LED hardware, but that probably his “train of thought” applies to everything else.

SOOO, all of those digital signage software houses in Canada, Israel, all across Europe and Oceania, that could actually be running content on U.S.-assembled hardware and code, should in theory think twice now. If we extrapolate, it would suggest companies outside the U.S. should be worried about that U.S.-made hardware and software somehow sending data back to America’s spies and soldiers.

God only knows what the deep state will do with all the playback log files from McDonalds and Burger King ads on menu boards and posters. ;-]

I hope you win all the business in the U.S., Mr. Cope. Also, I hope that all the different administrations across every nation do push to buy more from local businesses, but for the right reasons. Not for fear of the boogeyman.

  1. Richard Cope says:


    Thanks for your comments and insight globally. I went to high school in Madrid while Franco was still in charge and understand some of your references. Like everybody I’m looking for a fair playing field where we all compete with our time, talent and resources.

    I look forward to meeting you in person sometime and have a little sangria in the caves.

  2. Agree. We should have someone record us while we go over the third sangria.

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