DSE May Be Over But The Trade Show And Conference Season Is Anything But …

April 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Expo is over but trade show and conference season is anything but over. There are many events in the coming three months that touch or focus on digital signage, among them:

InfoComm China – There’s a track on digital signage at the event next week in Beijing. I know because I am speaking at it, talking about data-driven content. I hope their English is better than my Mandarin, which starts and stops at thank you.

ISA International Sign Expo 2017 is on April 19 – 22 in Las Vegas, and that has a digital signage education track. The show never seems to get much on the way of exhibitors on the floor, and while there is a digital park area, it has Samsung with a smallish presence and what looks like several smaller LED guys.

There is London Digital Signage Week May 8-12 in guess where. There are numerous events tied loosely together, including Retail Digital Signage Expo, DailyDOOH’s Out Of Home Media Summit and a new event called the 1st Global Digital Signage Conference. The latter looks very London-y to be dubbed a global thing, but that’s a big whatever in my tiny mind.

The Interactive Customer Experience Summit is June 5-7 in Dallas – an education event that has a good roster of retail and brand speakers, sprinkled with several of the usual conference subjects.

There is also a Digital Signage – No Alternative one-day conference in Moscow, on June 8th.

The following week, InfoComm is back on, this time in the steam bath also known as Orlando. There is a four day digital signage track running on the theme of the Big Digital Canvas, with sessions on the Idea, Creative, Technology and Execution. I’ve worked with Germany’s invidis and InfoComm to line up the speakers and content for those days, and if you go, you’ll be hearing from the people and companies behind some of the cooler jobs done in the past year or so – like the giant LED wall in the Salesforce head office, CityWalk in Dubai, the AT&T flagship in San Francisco, eBay in Silicon Valley and Terrell Place in Washington, DC. The conference is broken up into 90-minute chunks over the four days and attendees can cherry-pick what interests them.

There is also something called the TIDE Thought Leadership Conference, which has digital components and is new this year.

And last, but as they say, not least, is the Digital Signage Summit Europe event run by Invidis at its home turf of Munich. That’s the mother ship event for the consulting and publishing firm, and the 2-day event is on July 5-6. I understand DSS Europe draws 400+ people, and is very good. Have not been. One day …

And then people take a breath for summer. Yay.

BTW, what did I miss here?


  1. Dave, you were not the only one to raise your eyebrows when we announced that the first ever GLOBAL Digital Signage Conference was scheduled to take place during London Digital Signage Week (May 8-12, 2017).

    We called it ‘Global‘, because we were able to attract speakers to fly in from the USA, Canada, Italy and Cambridge – we also knew, based on past experience, that the event would appeal to a much larger European audience but in reality, little did we know that it would attract such a global audience.

    With a little over a week and a half to go, we already have attendees signed up from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Singapore, and most recently Zimbabwe BUT if we look at the current attendance figures across all of the events that week, then we can add in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand.

    Now that’s what you call Global I am sure you will agree!

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