ISE Releases Final Stats On 2017 Show

March 7, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe has pushed out a final report about the 2017 show in Amsterdam, which ended a few weeks ago. While the big numbers have already been noted, there’s a lot of interesting detail.

The show’s final attendance was 73,413, up 11.7% from a year earlier. What wasn’t in earlier reports were breakdowns on how much of that was exhibitors. There were 15,662 people there setting up, tearing down and/or working at booths over the four days, plus another 1,467 people listed as other. So the actual attendee headcount was 56,284, with 22,733 total attendees there for the first time.

There were 1,192 exhibitors from 79 countries – with 204 first time exhibitors.

There were 630 media people there – with 31.4% saying they were there for Pro AV and 6.3% for digital signage. There were more media there for things like home automation than signage, with the only signage people I noticed there covering the event being Sixteen:Nine, DailyDOOH and invidis (Germany).

Here’s the breakdown of attendees by type …


Interestingly, while digital signage didn’t get a lot of media love (there aren’t many media outlets covering the business, to begin with), it is one of the largest channel categories at the show, up there with audio and displays. That’s likely because it involves a lot of bits and pieces, so a lot of companies can credibly say they have some sort of digital signage product – even though it may not be much of a focus in some cases.

It’s also interesting to see who the attendees are and what interests them. The largest end-user segments at the show were education, by a big margin, then live events and then corporate. Retail was 5th, which might surprise some people.

You can view the whole report here …

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