Projects: UK Firm Puts 1.5mm LED Wall In Office Reception Area

March 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

High-end retailers evidently aren’t the only end-users opting in on pricey hi-rez direct view LED walls, instead of narrow-bezel LCD walls, in their signature locations.

Here’s a commercial property company in the UK putting in a 1.5 mm wall in the reception area of its head office, near Victoria Station in London. Visual communication specialist firm Viju put the Samsung wall in for Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK. The screen, says a case study by Samsung distributor PSCo, runs custom content, including news reels, stock updates, and their property portfolio.

The final solution is a 2.8m x 1.6m wall of the ultra-narrow pixel pitch, 1.5mm pixel pitch LED, which is full HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The screen is in an atrium area, which might be a contributing factor to going with much more expensive LED. That tech will do much better against natural light and glare. The client also wanted a seamless, bezel-free canvas.

The much higher price of direct view LED, versus LCD and plasma walls (yup, plasmas are still out there), is going to remain a barrier to widespread adoption, but this is a good example that it’s not just flagship retail stores and casinos buy this tech right now.


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