If Godzilla Was Into Reading, This Would Be His Kindle

January 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

E Ink will be showing a 42-inch active matrix e-paper display this week at CES in Las Vegas. Think of it like a Kindle for Godzilla.

The new display, 10-inches larger than the previous jumbo e-paper display (32″) is part of the E Ink Pearl product line for the company.

Nobody needs a 42-inch Kindle and Godzilla is more into movies and, strangely, monster truck rallies, so the first application of the 42-inch display is something called QuirkLogic Quilla, a portableConnected eWriter collaboration tool.

If you aren’t quite clicking in on what that means, you’re not alone. So I looked. It’s like a digital whiteboard, but different.

The larger e-paper displays that have digital signage as a potential vertical market have been used, to date, for things such as transit schedule signs, public information stands, and even as digital billboards on the back of transport trucks in Europe.

The the 32-inch units E Ink has on the market support color, these new units appear to be, in effect, giant monochromatic Kindles.

Here’s the specs:

The newest display in E Ink’s arsenal provides an ultra-wide viewing angle that can be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes. The display’s 4:3 aspect ratio is identical to that of real paper, making information just as easy to digest as if it were written on regular paper. At 658.6mm (H) x 884.3mm (V) x 1.64mm (D), the world’s largest ePaper display on the market boasts a resolution of 2160 X 2880 and 85dpi, using a high contrast, highly reflective ePaper display provided by the company that pioneered ePaper technology. The resolution in the 42” display is higher than a standard high definition display, bringing enhanced clarity to text and images.


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