ISE Is Five Weeks Out; 65K+ Expected For Massive Systems Integrator Show

January 2, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is now five weeks out and it is time to start looking over plans for the big trade show in Amsterdam, primarily what companies are there that aren’t normally seen closer to home in North America.

There are 445 companies listed in the digital signage category for the show, and of course a percentage of those will have only a tenuous day to day involvement in the sector. But certainly, any companies in hall 8 of the RAI convention center in Amsterdam – the designated digital signage hall – are all principally in this business.

When I click around some of the unfamiliar names in the list I come up with a surprising number of Korean companies, as well as companies operating out of places like Ankara, Turkey. It is endlessly amazing to come across yet more software companies offering friendly, easy to use digital signage CMS platforms, and there are definitely unfamiliar ones at the show.

When I look at the floor plan there are no obviously dominant exhibitors in hall 8, a lot of that owing to the big display companies (who tend to buy the most square footage at shows like this) being in other halls, immediately inside the main entry area. You could think of Hall 8 feeling a bit like the middle to the back of DSE – a few large booths but a lot of smaller ones.

The show is expecting some 1,100 exhibitors and will likely top the 65,000 attendee record of 2016. It’s a very busy place, and I found three days on the floor weren’t enough. This year I’m staying for Friday, as well.

I am going over (on my own nickel) as press, and already setting up some podcast interviews. If your company is at ISE, and has a boss or key innovator with an interesting story to tell, let me know and maybe we can grab 30 minutes for a 1:1 podcast chat, ideally on the pre-show Monday.

  1. Luis says:

    This is the first year we will have floor space @ ISE, and believe me, it was quite complicated to get it.

    Hall 8 show was almost completely sold out before it even openned to new-comers. Thus, getting a good floor space was imposible. At first glance, we only had very small 6-10sqm “left over” spaces, so we decided not to attend unless a bigger + better space opened up.

    We were lucky enough to get 30sqm at the main hall 8 entrance (after somene cancelled), and even though it was not the 60 we wanted, it was a good compromise.

    Lets see how it goes …

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