And Now There Are Glasses-Free 3D Video Walls …

December 30, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Hong Kong-based Marvel Digital Limited will be at CES next week showing off a video wall that blends ultra narrow bezel displays with glasses-free 3D.

Putting nine panels in a 3 by 3 set-up will result in a 138-inch diagonal digital canvas, which the company will have at booth 30264, South Hall 3, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. The company says that’s one of a few configurations possible using the thin bezel displays.

The company also has a standalone 65-inch display that does 4K, and HD panel sizes go down to a 28-inch unit. There is even a  glasses-free digital picture frame???

The technology here is in the same family of what else is out on the market for glasses-free 3D, aka autostereoscopic displays. It’s a lenticular lens that sits on top of the panel – basically an array of magnifying lenses that result in different images being viewed from different angles. The pitch is that consumers will be blown away by seeing 3D without putting those stupid damn glasses on.

As mentioned in previous posts, 3D with glasses or without hasn’t exactly caught fire in the professional or consumer market. I don’t quite see how or why these new products will break through, but companies keep on trying.

Ultimately, it’s not going to be about the display, but the content on it, and in something like an attraction – maybe aquariums and theme parks – a monster 3D video wall might be the ticket. But that will be because of the creative.


  1. Brad says:

    This would be great for 3d movie posters at the theaters, menu boards at fast food establishments, sports bars, night clubs, conventions, casinos, and even home theaters. But the content has to be top notch. 3D movies are great, when they’re actually created in 3d and the scenes are designed with 3d in mind. However, I have yet to see a 3d conversion that I’ve liked. 3d can’t be an afterthought, just thrown in to make more money.

  2. James Krisvoy says:

    With a number of big budget films being filmed in either or both large format film & digital capture systems in 2D with the intention of a 3D conversion, projects such as Rogue One & Dr. Strange have proven thst in the right hands 3D conversions can & do work…although native is always better.

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