Superdry’s Berlin Flagship Tries On Gesture-based Virtual Dressing Room

December 23, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Via Retail Design Blog

I have mixed feelings about an interactive virtual dressing room-ish display set up at the new Berlin flagship store of apparel retailer Superdry.

Put together by London-based SeymourPowell, it’s touted as an interactive “smart mirror” but the display is not a mirror and doesn’t use mirror glass … so, umm, it’s not.

The display uses cameras and gesture software to engage and then mirror a set of movements shoppers can use to browse through the winter apparel selection and kinda sorta see what it looks like on.

I like the way the creative experience looks, and it seems simple enough to use. But my spidey senses tell me this thing rarely gets used as intended, and that if it is like just about any gesture/sensor-based retail system out there, it’s not working properly a lot of the time, and few if any sales associates would know how to boot it back to life.

On the the other hand, a far less buggy touchscreen would serve pretty the same purpose, without the gimmickry.

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