Globalshop & DSE Do Two Shows-One Badge Deal For 2017

December 20, 2016 by Dave Haynes

It went in one ear and out the other at the time, but in re-listening to my podcast with Digital Signage Expo show director Andrea Varrone she mentioned how Globalshop was on at the same time as DSE in Las Vegas, and that attendees could get into both shows – with one badge. DSE has done a deal with the big retail fixture, POP and design show to provide reciprocal exhibit hall access to all qualified attendees for both 2017 events.

Both shows runs March 28-30, with DSE at LVCC and GlobalShop a cab ride south at the Mandalay Bay, which you may not have known has a big-ass convention hall at the back-end of it, past the casino and restaurant row. Complimentary DSE Exhibit Hall passes will be granted to any qualified attendee of GlobalShop and visa versa.

The advantage and attraction, of course, is more bang for the travel buck for attendees, and more potential booth visits for exhibitors. The possible downside is with both shows on at the same time, that might mean an end-user spends one day instead of two at DSE. Very hard to say if that happens, or if those are people who would only walk the show for one day anyway.

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