Air Transat, Moment Factory Team Up On Experiential Kiosks At Montreal’s Main Airport

December 9, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Montreal’s Moment Factory, the experiential media agency, is involved with charter vacations air carrier Air Transat, also based in Montreal, on a new permanent installation interactive installation at that city’s main airport.

It’s set up in Espace Air Transat – what I assume are the dedicated departure lounges for the vacation-centric carrier at Montréal–Trudeau Airport’s new international terminal.

The design involves a set of 20 screens on pedestals, set at different heights, that have motion sensors and invite people who walk up to see various destinations through visuals. There are three different content approaches in play at the screens.

Viewers, says a Transat press release, “can soar over a nighttime cityscape or admire the ocean from their window, and see postcards and landmarks of London, Paris and Mexico.”

“This unique initiative, which adds a magical and inspirational touch to Espace Air Transat, offers a glimpse of our world of vacations. It aims to make travellers dream and want to discover new destinations with us,” says Annick Guérard, President and General Manager of Transat Tours Canada. “It’s also the product of a vision shared by two Quebec companies: one of Montreal as a city that is open to the world.” 

The space went live in November.

“We are proud to be working with Transat on a state-of-the-art installation reflecting an international trend – that of making airport experiences more enjoyable for travellers by evoking the pleasure, surprise and wonder of destinations,” explains Éric Fournier, partner and Executive Producer of Moment Factory. “As demonstrated by our work at the Los Angeles and Montreal airports, Moment Factory is sought out for its creative expertise by international clients looking to make the visitor experience memorable and inspiring. Our installations capture the attention of a new generation of tech-savvy visitors.”

The video doesn’t do the greatest job of showing what this is all about, but it’s certainly more interesting than a plain old boink-boink touchscreen that would let travellers research a city – something they could easily do on their phones.

It’s also, by Moment Factory’s standards, a pretty modest project – given some of the stuff the team there has been taking on.


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