Smart Mirrors Hit Consumer Mainstream

November 29, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A Taiwan-based electronics firm has started shipping a $189 smart mirror aimed at the consumer market that looks like the sort of thing some mid-tier retailers would like to have at their cosmetic counters.

The HiMirror is a 14-inch LCD panel embedded in a mirror enclosure and topped with an IP-connected camera that can do a running analysis of a person’s skin condition, like red spots, pores and wrinkles.

It will also do things like recommendations on beauty products (that have tie-ins with HiMirror), which is where I think the interests of retailers would perk up if there was an API and, therefore, mechanisms to customize these units. Given it is already sub-$200 in single units, you’d imagine volume costs would be quite low for the things.

There are many unknowns, of course, like weather the mirrors are locked down to just work within HiMirror’s world of partners and UX, durability, reliability and security. For home-based use, I really wonder how many people with an understanding of technology and hacks would want a camera in their bathroom or the bedroom where they dress.

Nonetheless, this is an interesting glimpse at a consumer product emulating and perhaps improving on some of the interactive stations that have been tried by brands on the beauty counters of drug chains and department stores.

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