Toronto’s Main Airport Embeds Departures Screens In Giant Nature Sculpture

November 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


It’s a bit weird that while I am in and out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport a lot, it’s rare that I fly within Canada and see the domestic side of Terminal 1 – which now has a huge flower-like sculpture that doubles as departures screens.

I’d vaguely heard about this thing, but it wasn’t until Friday – heading to Halifax to see our daughter for the weekend – that I saw the big set of displays that greet passengers shortly after they clear security screening.

The four-sided display uses 5mm Nanolumens LED displays. There is also a 3mm LED circular base to the display running things like weather, and there are little kiosks around the edges which I didn’t have time to poke at. Gridcast was the integrator and EventScape built the actual flower base. It went live in October 2016.

It’s quite striking, though it kinda sorta looks like something you’d more expect to see in an airport in Malaysia, or somewhere else a bit more tropical than Toronto. Then again, beats the hell out of the typical hanging rows of FIDS screens you see at 99% of the airports out there.

Halifax, by the way, has a great, mid-sized airport – though waaaay the hell out from the city.

For people who like seascapes, this is Peggy’s Cove on Saturday. My daughter and boyfriend would have been blow off the bench, if you could see them through the sideway snow, by the Nor-Easter that went through yesterday. Made for a fun drive to that airport last night.


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