How About A Huge, Fine-Pitch LED Video Wall … In Your Dining Room?


This is in somebody’s house.


It’s a 21 foot wide wide by 11 foot tall LED video wall made up of 192 1.6mm Planar DirectLight LED modules, and is used as video art and, I guess, to play Dark Souls III and watch Duck Dynasty.

The home is in Northern California and was installed with this set-up by Bernauer and Sound Vision, out of Sacramento.

Planar, in a press release, says:

Used as a media wall and a work of digital art, the Planar DirectLight LED video wall was chosen to occupy a large dining and entertainment space in favor of a screen and projection system that was considered initially. The homeowner had seen a Planar DirectLight LED video wall and recognized it was a better solution for the owner’s residential needs.

This decision was echoed by the owner’s systems integration partner, Sound Vision (Sacramento, California), with company president and owner, Paul Bernauer, noting that, “given the many factors of the space, no other solution but Planar DirectLight would be nearly as effective.”

This size, configuration and pitch meant that content, including 4K video, could be viewed at varying distances – even up close – without the viewer noticing any pixilation. What the viewer also enjoys is a virtually seamless screen. 

The wall went up using Planar’s EasyAlign solution, which helped because the video walls is mounted on a concrete wall and the set-up allowed the depth to be minimized to four inches.

To the owner, the release continues, this seamless “canvas” is important since content plans include a library of ultra-high definition, 4K videos – some several hours in length – that depict iconic scenes such as a Parisian sunrise or a sunset over Bora Bora. These videos define the Planar DirectLight video wall as a “dynamic piece of art that creates a beautiful backdrop for the space. Other displayed content is just as stunning, including Blu-ray movies, satellite television programming and slide shows comprised of high resolution still images.

As you might expect, the name of the owner is not provided (Silicon Valley origins is a reasonably safe guess), and the location is vague (I guess we can assume Sacramento-ish).

Those are big-ass column speakers flanking the display, I think.

No numbers formally released, but that project is $1 million plus.

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    • Well, Planar would definitely know more about the cost than me. But wouldn’t that put the cost of the LEDs well over $40K per sq. meter? Even with mounts and installs, etc, seems like a big number.

      I did stress my guess was conservative ;-]

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