Video: Four Winds Uses Own Platform To Track, Drive Sales

November 16, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I’m not a big fan of the phrase – “Eat your own dog food” – because it kinda turns me off dinner. But … it’s an apt way of describing how organizations actually use the products or services they sell.

This is a video I stumbled on from Denver’s Four Winds Interactive – posted a few weeks ago – showing how the company is using what I assume is Salesforce data (or from some other sales management platform) to show the software company’s sales teams and managers how things are going. The “show” all runs on the company’s content management platform and uses its own content applications to call and display the data.

It’s a great example of a few things:

Corporate communications is one of the hotter verticals in the industry at the moment, and really any company selling into that should be opening up their own cans of Alpo and trying it out, using their key performance data.

By the way, if you’re not using video to market and explain what your company offers, in a medium that’s all about video and motion graphics, you need to start. This sort of thing takes a decent budget, but there are so many inexpensive ways to DIY a pretty solid piece with smartphone cameras and software tools.

I write stuff for people here and there, but I tell a lot of clients what they want to convey would make waaaaaay more sense as 60 seconds of video than 600 words.

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