Face Pattern Tech Used In Fun Interactive GMC Campaign

September 26, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The whole serve-content-based-on-who/what-is-in-front-of-a-screen thing has never really taken off for the video analytics people, but here’s a fun campaign that does a nice job with the technology.

A campaign for a GM vehicle used face pattern detection technology to pick up the gender, facial expression, age and composition of the passing audience and then serve branded content targeted to that specific audience.

The campaign ran for eight weeks at the Santa Monica Place shopping mall, on eight screens, using Quividi’s software and running on EYE Corp. digital posters.

“Consumers see up to 5,000 ads every single day, and we wanted to create a responsive, engaging campaign that cut through the noise,” says Jeff Tan, head of strategy at Posterscope USA, which planned the campaign. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time dynamic content, we helped GMC connect with audiences via personalized location-based communication strategies. This proved particularly effective in the crowded environment that is the Santa Monica Place shopping mall.”

The screens had cameras/sensors that “anonymously detected and determined whether a passing shopper was a man or woman, alone or with a group or part of a couple or a family, adult or child or even frowning or smiling. No data or images of any type were collected, stored or shared at any time, ensuring privacy.”

“Once detection was made, the digital screens were populated with fun and humorous creative video content and brand messaging promoting the virtues and features of the GMC Acadia tailored to the identified audience. The screens also featured a number of interactive games, both for children and adults, like Simon Says and a virtual staring contest, all of which were designed to further deepen engagement and maximize viewer interaction with the screens.”

“The ability to personalize content and messaging to a variety of target audiences really came to life in this campaign,” says EYE Corp Media CEO Jeff Gunderman. “Through this partnership with Posterscope, GMC and Quividi, we were able to showcase the power of digital place-based screens when combined with cutting edge technology.”

Companies like Quividi and Intel, along with others, have long been selling the dream of serving ads based on who/what is in front of a screen at that moment, but what I have seen touted has tended to be product-based, ie serve a certain ad to women, and a different one to men, and so on.

This is a little more engaging and fun. Not convinced it is really the first of its kind, as the PR touts, but … whatever.


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