Why And How To Engage The Bosses With Digital Signage

September 2, 2016 by guest author, Stuart Armstrong


Guest Post: Sean Matthews, Visix

Sean Matthews

Sean Matthews

You’ve hired some of the best and brightest people around to help you run your company. Use your corporate digital signage solution to support, encourage and inspire them as they steer your organization to success.

Seven Traits to Thrive

Harvard Business Review identified seven traits that companies most need in their executives:

Both of these traits need “big picture” information – not just the overall goals of the company, but current trends in the market, how the company is faring against competitors, current products in the pipeline, etc. Make sure your digital signage displays messages with this information, backed up by real-world data.

Your digital screens can include facts and figures from your industry, including new trends and current thinking. Promote workshops and other learning opportunities, so your execs can schedule training that helps them keep on the cutting edge of what technology is available that can benefit your company.

These traits can be supported with helpful tips and tricks messages on your displays. Get their competitive side going with information followed by quiz questions, with a small prize going to the person who answers the question first.

Using screens to show your execs solid metrics about where things stand and trends (including where performance is lagging) can motivate them to identify areas for improvement. They can then publish messages to digital signs that other employees see, asking for feedback and suggestions. Your digital signage system then becomes an agent for effective change, with everyone having a voice in the process.

Inspirational messages are all well and good, but maybe displaying messages that remind your executives of their ethical responsibilities would be more effective. You can also show your mission statement and guiding principles, since it never hurts to remind people of these. Also, make sure they know in which areas your company must comply with regulations and laws.

Let them know where the resources they use come from. For a good exec, there’s no such thing as too much information or too much context. Remind them that everything they do affects someone somewhere in the real world, and that, ultimately, their job is managing people, not numbers.

Help Them Help Themselves and Their Teams

Executives focus on a variety of priorities each and every day. Messages that encourage them to cut costs, manage resources and increase profitability can help remind them of the bottom line during their hectic days. Encourage thinking about not just short-term goals, but long-term as well. Executives like to know how everything fits together overall.

The phrase “think outside the box” has become something of a cliché these days. But slipping in surprising pieces of information in your digital signage playlists, or presenting your messages in a new and innovative way, can jar your executives out of their routines and get them thinking more originally.

Execs are probably in the office more than anyone else, so they will be exposed to your messages more than anyone else. Make sure there’s lots of variety, and content is always fresh and inviting. If you have a message that is always appropriate, have a couple of different designs for that message, so it seems like something new when they see it.

You can also use your digital screens for reminders of things like meetings and deadlines. The entire office environment can be an extension of their professional assistants.

Targeting those at the top of your organization with well-crafted messages on your corporate digital signs can motivate, engage and inspire them to always be their best. When they perform well, the whole company benefits.


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