Thanks, As A Couple Of Records Fall

September 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I’ve been curious for the last week or so, watching the page view and visits counters on this blog, seeing how August was, weirdly, a huge month for traffic on Sixteen:Nine. By last night, monthly traffic had busted the previous record traffic month by more than 10% … and the old record was pretty good.

So thank you Chris Riegel for buying Scala, as that news definitely got some attention in the dead of summer. But that only accounted for part of the big jump. I think the industry is growing, getting its legs, and more people are reading the manual before they use the power tool.

Thanks to readers for dropping by, and now my challenge is top that number again.

Fiscal year for my vast media empire, run out of a spare bedroom, also closed off at the end of August, and that was also a record for ad sales. In 2006, I think I did maybe $85 in Adsense revenue. I did a BIT more this year.

Thanks a very large pile to Sixteen:Nine’s many sponsors, including Screenfeed, Capital Networks, Armodilo, CE labs, Inlighten, Broadsign, Milestone, IAdea, VIA, Screenscape, Starmont, OnSignTV, Clever Digital Signage, Digichief, Freshwater Digital, Datacall, Woven Media, Crown Content and Insteo (and those I am forgetting  … sorry).

Now back to work.

  1. Bruno Pupo says:

    Ease of access and information sharing for any new market verticals is vital to progressive growth. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and connected (mixers, etc.). Keep up the great work Dave!

  2. Bil Trainor says:

    Dear Mr. Haynes,
    Could it be that the increase in traffic to your site is because it is highly informative, honest and free of nasty comments?
    Bil Trainor

  3. Scott says:

    Your the best. And I mean period.

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