LG Adds Kiwi Firm To List Of Signage Firms Supporting Its Smart WebOS Displays

September 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Via ComputerWorld NZ

Logo-ContegroThe Auckland, NZ-based firm Labyrinth Solutions has developed a version of its Contrego digital signage CMS to run on LG’s WebOS-driven commercial digital signage panels.

Labyrinth says the new System on Chip (SoC) media player, running Contegro, will do all the regular stuff, but will also do advanced digital signage functions like touch.

“We are currently working with LG to extend our SoC offering to include touch-screen capabilities,” the company’s managing director, Vaughan Reed, in a press release. “This will allow us to deliver our ‘through-glass touch window’ technology and other innovative touch-screen solutions without the need for an external media player.”

The CMS already handles Windows, Linux and Android.

The NZ firm adds to a relatively small but building list of companies that support LG’s smart signage display efforts, including Industry Weapon, Signagelive, Intuilab, PingHD, Poster Digital, Onelan and no doubt several I am forgetting. LG says it has roughly 80 vendors globally with solutions androughly 300 with access to the SDK, ie looking at it or working on a solution.

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