Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Jim Nista, Insteo

August 31, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Jim Nista and I have had lotsa long, interesting talks over trade show cocktails in Las Vegas or Orlando about the state of the industry and what needs to happen, particularly as it relates to content. Unfortunately … or perhaps fortunately, when I really think about it (hic) … they were not recorded.

But the other day we got together virtually, and the CEO of Long Beach, CA-based content production shop Insteo chatted with me for a little more than 30 minutes about what Insteo is up to, and how it got there.

Nista has had, like many small companies in this sector, a few twists and turns and bumps on the journey, but things have started to straighten and smooth out pretty nicely in the last year – as he’s got the company focused on a variation of a business model that’s worked for other companies. Insteo does subscription content – but not the news, weather, sports and entertainment feeds that have been well established by other companies, notably podcast sponsor Screenfeed.

Insteo’s content store doesn’t offer that stuff – instead focusing on dynamic HTML5-driven templates and update tools that allow small businesses to get screens in their business places that are running contextually relevant content. That may be project status notices for an engineering company, or it might be product menus for a marijuana dispensary.

Jim has been around web services since the days when he had to explain to customers why they’d want a website. He’s one of the most knowledgeable guys in the business when it comes to the future of content, and well worth a listen.

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