Projects: 280 Foot Wide LED Wall Lights Up In World Trade Center’s New Mall

August 11, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The retail component of the new World Trade Center in New York finally, formally, opens next week, and the 16 acre site will include some 5,000 square feet of LED.

The signature installation is a 280-foot wide 4mm pixel pitch LED wall running along a concourse, driven by 12 sync’d HD outputs from players that will make for one very wide and long billboard.

That wall can also by sync’d up to the video frame with 18 other displays peppered around the new facility, which is run by mall operator Westfield Corporation.


The system was put in and will be managed by New York-based ANC Sports Enterprises, as part of a multi-year deal, the company reports in a press release.

Across Westfield World Trade Center are 19 digital screens, in a range of sizes including one that is four-stories high and the 280 foot display long. As consumers cross underneath the 9A Underpass through the Westfield World Trade Center, they will experience four separate LED displays totaling more than 800 square feet and 3.9 million pixels. Passing through the 9A Underpass, consumers will enter the West Gallery, which houses the 280 feet long with more than 15 million pixels.

Traveling through the complex and the Oculus, there are 12 displays spread across two levels in Tower 4 and one in Tower 3 Walking Tower 4’s street level, consumers will experience a four story, 70 foot transparent LED display encasing the building’s lobby glass elevator.


“The digital media network at the Westfield World Trade Center demonstrates our commitment to introducing immersive consumer experiences into retail venues,” said Jerome Cifarelli, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Through our partnership with Westfield, we are looking forward to delivering a new type of shopper and commuter environment through ANC’s technologies and ongoing services.”

Through a multi-year partnership, ANC will provide Westfield with content management, content creation, ongoing service and schedule all content for both display networks. Through ANC’s vCOMM operating system, the Westfield World Trade Center will combine with the 53 locations of digital signage at Fulton Center, which is also managed by Westfield and operated by ANC, to create an immersive digital experience in downtown New York City. The displays will be capable of synchronizing together to provide consumers with an unparalleled journey through Lower Manhattan.

Looks impressive, and a must-see next time I get to New York.

I’m going to assume the content will be a blend of sold media, marketing support for retail tenants in the shopping center, and digital art.

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