Webinar At 1 ET Today On Using Data In Digital Signage


I’m up midday at Omnivex‘s offices in the north part of Toronto to do a Q&A webinar on how data can be used to drive digital signage. It’s more of a chat than a formal presentation, and I’ll toss questions at Omnivex President Jeff Collard about how this stuff is done. Omnivex was doing data-driven digital signage a decade and more before pretty much anyone else in the sector.

The session is today, June 21, from 1:00pm – 2:00 pm EST. It will look at:

  • Business benefits organizations can achieve by integrating real-time information into their digital signage;
  • Where digital signage is headed in order to fulfill the promise of this rapidly evolving technology;
  • Best practice examples of organizations that use information and data to run their digital networks and types of real-time information they are integrating into their signage.