Research Group Suggests Digital Signage To Create 70,000 New Jobs In Korea

June 20, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The Korea Economic Research Institute, a state-run research organization, says the digital signage market will create around 70,000 jobs by the year 2020.

I assume these jobs will be in South Korea (not globally), and I’ve no idea how the group got to that big number. The KERI report also suggests the digital signage business will generate $8.7 billion worth of production.

The research points at the growth of the digital ad market, and the drop or flattening of ad revenues in newspapers and broadcast.

I don’t know the market anything close to well enough to say if those numbers are real or wild-assed. What I can say is 18 months ago when I was in Seoul I was surprised by how underdeveloped the signage market was in Samsung and LG’s backyards.

This is how wireless carrier retail is marketed in Seoul. Paper signs in, on and in front of windows. Inefficient as hell, ugly and screams digital display.


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