Projects: Lithuania’s Teo Networks Its Instore Marketing Efforts

June 13, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Hansab TEO Signagelive 3

Lithuania’s leading telco and home entertainment services provider Teo has kitted out stores with single displays and clusters in push to enhance customer services.

The set-up is running in shopping malls in that country’s three largest cities, with the tech put in by solutions provider Hansab, running Signagelive on Samsung displays.

The company, says a press release, switched from standalone displays and USB drives to networked screens, which has harmonized and greatly speeded up marketing efforts across the locations.


The set-up has four different configurations, including slim bezel video walls and 65-inch touchscreen displays that tell B2C and B2B customers and businesses about new service.

Not sure about the sightlines here, because of those giant lampshades and tabletop posters, but telecoms retailers are ideal candidates for digital display because their offers and SKUs never seem to stop changing in that hyper-competitive business. Print-based marketing can’t keep up.

Hansab TEO Signagelive 1


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