InfoComm Lists 361 Digital Signage Exhibitors – Some Who Actually Do Digital Signage

May 26, 2016 by Dave Haynes


InfoComm has never really been a big show for the software side of the digital signage business, and that’s a trend that continues in a couple of weeks in Las Vegas.

There are 361 exhibitors that have associated themselves to the digital signage category, among many, in the exhibitor directory. But I don’t think there are 10 CMS companies among them, though there are 79 listed as digital signage software companies – some for reasons that would escape pretty much anyone.

Of those showing are regulars like Tightrope Media Systems (which also does broadcast) and Visix, UCView, Onelan and software/hardware guys like Brightsign and Switzerland’s Spinetix. I’d imagine there will be guys from X20 at Barco’s booth, Adflow at Daktronics and a smattering of software partners in the booths of the displayco majors.

But this is a display technology show and most of what’s on the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, in the digital signage zone or elsewhere, will be LCD or projection tech, and a whole bunch of indoor LED – from a gazillion companies, both large and small, familiar and new.

The show also has a pile of touchscreen tech guys like Baanto and Flat Frog.

And there will be some digital meeting room companies there, such as GoGet and EventBoard.

Little to zero content companies, but it’s been rare when creative shops or even subscription content feed services set up here. My guess is they don’t have the budget, and don’t see the fit, and for those who have tried, they left thinking it was the wrong crowd (pro AV nerds).

I’m going, and have a stupid-busy week – starting with a keynote and two panels at the Digital Signage Summit, meetings, and as many as 10 scheduled podcast interviews. I like InfoComm for networking and because I am normally way less busy than DSE (though not this year).

If you are going, see you there! If not, I’ll post when I can … which may be more of an IF I can.

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