Acer Adding Digital Signage To Its Bring Your Own Cloud Offer

May 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Taiwan’s Acer – which is into a bunch of things, from smartphones to small PCs – is touting its Build Your Own Cloud services platform as the hub for a digital signage solution offer.

It pushed out a lengthy press release this week that I can’t really make much sense of, except that “BYOC plays an integral role in Acer’s upcoming digital signage solutions, increasing scalability and flexibility for traditional one-way broadcasting signage solutions, and enabling a whole new series of interactive signage solutions through real-time connectivity and big data analytics.”

The company introduced BYOC a couple of years ago, positioned as its own consumer offer to do things like store, sync and share things like photos, video, music and documents across several devices.

Acer says BYOC is already being used in Germany, where the company has partnered on a bundled solution that includes Acer displays and small desktop PCs, Cittadino loads its picturemachine4 software and n-TV channel provides headline news headline content. The total package is marketed as DWIN.

It’s been a while – years, really – since I have seen a PC that big touted as a signage player.

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