What’s Direct View LED?

March 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes

RGB led diode display panel

One of things that was confusing me a little bit when I walked around some display company booths a couple of weeks ago at Digital Signage Expo was the different names getting applied to indoor LED display walls.

I’ve tended to call them fine pixel pitch LED walls, or just indoor LED. But I’ve heard, here and there, references to direct view LED, and wondered, “OK, is that something different? Or just another name for the same thing,”

It’s the latter.

I did a little research, and Direct View is being used as a way of distinguishing between the ways LEDs are being used. For indoor, they’ve mostly been used as the light source for projectors, projection cubes and flat panel displays. But this newer indoor tech uses the LEDs as the individual pixels that viewers directly see.

So … direct view.

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