Projects: Etisalat’s Screen-Filled Concept Stores

March 24, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a video look at what Dallas-based RMG Networks is driving in the retail wireless stores of the UAE-based telecom Etisalat.

The wireless carrier has a range of screens around its larger stores, and is expected to kit out roughly 100 with digital signage by the end of this year.


The concept stores have interactive and non-interactive video walls, LED displays and interactive smart screens that allow customers to learn about product and service options and include multi-language support.

“Digital signage is a revolutionary way to engage customers looking for an innovative and exciting experience. Our new SMART stores in the UAE embody Etisalat’s customer experience strategy, using technology to make our customer’s visit to the store effortless, informative and highly interactive,” says Suhail Al Awadi, Vice President-Retail at Etisalat.

I was in an Etisalat store at Dubai Mall late last year, getting a local SIM card so that my Canadian carrier couldn’t add several zeroes to my bill that month. Like most service-oriented stores (and, interestingly, retail banks) they had queue management systems which showed on screens around the stores. I thought the screens were too high, but I’m big on anything that improves the basic customer experience.

Get on your dancing shoes – here’s the showcase vid:


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