DSE Suggests Scores Of Big Companies And Brands Coming To Show

March 2, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Digital Signage Expo gets used by a lot of companies as an efficient way to meet up with partner vendors, and one of the knocks in the past has been the limited number of qualified, high opportunity leads. As someone who was chained to a DSE booth in my dark, happily brief, sales past, I can attest to that.

But the trade show has for the last few years invested a lot of time and resources getting buyers walking the exhibit hall, and there are just, frankly, a lot more buyers than there used to be, because the sector has matured and business models tend now to make sense. Show director Andrea Varrone told me last week in a chat they had a very healthy pile of brands and Fortune 500s coming to check out the latest tech.

To push that point, the show has released a partial list of companies that are sending people. Here are the ones that would have me intrigued:

American Airlines
American Girl
Bank of America
Bed Bath & Beyond
Best Buy Canada
Boeing Company
Cardinal Health
Canadian Tire
Carnival Cruise Lines
Charles Swab
Chicago Transit Authority
City of Los Angeles
First Republic Bank
Ford Motor Company
InterContinental Hotels
Ralph Lauren
Sam’s Club
Subaru Swarovski
The Wendy’s Company
U.S. Army
United Airlines
Walt Disney Imagineering

There’s also a pile of universities and casinos, though the latter is mostly local.


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