Request: I Need A Panasonic Digital Signage Contact

February 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes

openportYou build up a lot of contacts over 17 years of working in signage, and a decade writing a blog. But you don’t get everyone into a contact list.

I have been trying, since returning from ISE in Amsterdam, to find a contact at Panasonic – N. America or Europe – who can tell me more about the OpenPort/Android program the display manufacturers debuted at that show. So far, no luck.

The PR channels work at glacial pace and I’m not convinced I’ll eventually get the right contact going down that path (though I am trying that, too).

So … if you know the right person (or YOU are the right person), can you contact me at dave AT

Thanks for any help.

UPDATE – I got a pile of help, thank you!!! Eight different possible contacts, which is kinda nuts, but better than where I was otherwise at …



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