Projects: Samsung Opens Digitally-Rich, Product-Less Manhattan Flagship Store

February 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Hat tip to Rob Gorrie for flagging this via LinkedIn …

Here’s an interesting take by Samsung on flagship store design – a new one that doesn’t actually sell stock any product.

Called Samsung 837, the store opens today at 837 Washington Street in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Reports Fast Company:

Instead of endless product shelves, the space, which is named for its address, 837, features a three-story digital screen composed of 96 of Samsung’s 55-inch visual displays; a 90-seat theater; a portable demo kitchen; an art gallery; a multimedia studio; and a café.

In it, Samsung will host events like film screenings, book launches, DJ sets, and, already on the schedule, an Oscars viewing party for Galaxy owners. “We didn’t want it to be a store,” (Manager Zach) Overton says. “We didn’t want it to be about pushing products in people’s faces.” Instead, he calls the building an “immersive cultural center.”

Visitors WILL be able to guy stuff, but that will all be handled digitally.

  1. Heath says:

    When Samsung closed their Time Warner Center experience location, I was not sure if it was because they felt it was not making them enough money (they did not sell anything there) or if the rent was too high.

    Looks like they still recognize it as a good investment, but were looking for a bigger space.

  2. The Video wall looks fantastic. Incredible attraction great learning tool. The Chief mounts that were used really help give that overwhelming presentation. I was part of the install and I work for Chief.

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