ISE Impressions: Day 3

February 12, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I am up early, getting set to head home after a great bunch of days in Amsterdam attending Integrated Systems Europe.

Numerous people asked what I thought, and my general take was and is that this is a show I need to be at each year. The same applies for anyone whose job is to stay on top of innovations and global partners and competitors. The show is many multiples of DSE and somewhat larger than InfoComm. There are substantial swaths of ISE that are filled – like Infocomm – with speakers, microphones and automation systems. But I had three days on the ground there – booked a minimal number of meetings – and still really didn’t cover things off.

If the show sticks with four days next year – I’ll go for four days. You can walk and see things in one day, but if you want to stop and ask questions, you’ll need a lot longer.

There are many education sessions, all over the place, but I didn’t get to any, so I can’t speak to the quality. Some of the on-floor stuff had that look of being part of the deal in booking booth space, but that doesn’t mean the presenters aren’t worth hearing. You just go in knowing there may be a bit of a lot of a sales job.

General day 3 impressions:

General advice if  what you’ve been reading and hearing makes you think you need to be there in 2017 …

I’ll write more on specific things I saw next week.




  1. Tariq says:

    Valuable information, good to know about European companies work.

  2. Paula b. says:

    Dave, I do always enjoy your personable yet real reviews of the digital signage sector. With all the new display options it will be great to see how the content will innovate with the new technology.

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