Projects: Nestle’s Digital Accelerator Center In Dubai


Food giant Nestle has something called DAT (Digital Acceleration Team) centers in key offices globally – facilities designed to monitor consumer  attitudes about their brands using social media and data visualization, and also train and energize staff from other offices.

A new DAT has gone live at a Nestle office in Jebel Ali, in the south end of Dubai. DAT Dubai works with brand teams on community management tools for running and monitoring campaigns, and also brings in brand agencies. The video wall set-up gives users a sense of what’s going on with sentiment around brands, as well as shows campaign creative.

The set-up uses NEC panels and is running Appspace’s content management system. The project was put together by 2point0 Concepts in Dubai, and DeLite Engineering did the design and install.

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  1. We wish them good luck with Appsace, we’ve just finished a big banking project where it was mandated we use it (no surprise there with Cisco’s incestuos involvement), it’s truly one of the worst digital signage products we’ve ever used.

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