Monster Settles Social Media Visualization Patent Dispute With TigerLogic

January 26, 2016 by Dave Haynes

MonsterMedia_logoOrlando-based Monster Media has reached a settlement in the patent infringement action it filed in New York courts last summer against Portland,OR-based TigerLogic Corp, over the use of methods that put real time social media posts on digital signs.

The terms of the settlement are, as you might expect, confidential.

“The value of our Intellectual Portfolio enables continued innovation for our licensees and strengthens their competitive edge,” says Stephen Randall, EVP of Mobile & Social Technology, Monster Media. “We welcome TigerLogic as a licensee.”

Randall, for background, developed these patents going back more than a decade through his company Locamoda, which was acquired by Monster.


“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Monster that does not encumber the use and development of our Postano platform,” says Roger Rowe, Acting CEO and Chief Financial Officer at TigerLogic. “With this settlement behind us, we can now return to focusing on our business.”

Monster has intellectual property  regarding the process and system of automatically displaying real-time content (like Twitter tweets) on screens, most typically in public venues. The IP is tied to the automatic searches and display of a specific word or social media account or hashtag.

It’s different, I gather, if a person or team is “curating” (fancy term for hand-selecting) content to be posted.

Monster also has another patent being issued today – US 9,247,002. It’s a continuation that protects claims in a previous patent, as opposed to entirely new IP. You can read the thing and go cross-eyed if you want, but continuation is about as much as mere mortals (non-lawyers) need or would ever want to know.


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