Projects: Twisting LED Sculpture Makes Waves In Houston Skyscraper

January 7, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Just stumbled across this now three-year-old project in a Houston, Texas office tower.

The owners of 2 Houston Center wanted to spruce up the lobby of the 1970s skyscraper, so they commissioned Spanish multimedia artist Daniel Canogar to create what turned into “Waves” – a giant, suspended motion media sculpture made using more than 600 flexible LED tiles, all attached by magnets to a metal form.

Very nice. The LED modules are P10, aka 10mm pixel pitch. The company that manufactures the modules – Hong Kong-based DesignLED – says it has flexible LEDs with pixel pitches as tight as 1.7mm and 2.5mm, though I am not certain they have the same amount of twisting capability as the one used here.—rXZMUk

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