Nanonation Promotes Good Work & Product In New Marketing Video

December 7, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Regular readers will be solidly at the “Yeah, Yeah, Dave, got it” stage when it comes to me going on about the importance of marketing videos in a video driven business (and how few do it). But, I’ll keep going on about it until it becomes commonplace, instead of rare.

Bryan Fairfield, President and CEO of Lincoln, NE-based signage CMS Nanonation sent over a note saying that after many years, his team had finally carved out the time to get a proper marketing video done about its product and some of its signature installations.

It’s good stuff. First, because it highlights work at places like Barney’s in New York that I somehow or other had managed not to know about. Second, it shows the work in proper context, in ways press releases rarely do, and more effectively than one or two attached photos.

Check out the tiled interactive touch tables at a cafe in the Barney’s flagship store in New York – content spanning the full run of a long table and chairs. Very nice work.

Video marketing should be in your company budget, or if you have talent on staff who can shoot and edit, put them to work next year. Totally worth it.




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