Projects: 60 Small Panels Make One Big Wall

December 3, 2015 by Dave Haynes


On my way back from Dubai this past weekend I had a layover in Frankfurt, VERY early in the morning. It was enough time to take a 20-minute train into the city and have a look around.

I discovered a few things:

1 – If you don’t know the city, you can walk straight out of the main train station and into a street filled with sex clubs and flocks of extraordinarily drunk young men … at 6:30 am;

2 – If you walk really quickly you can blow right through them before they realize there’s a sleep-deprived tourist they could try to bum a smoke off, or throw up on;

3 – Nothing is open in Frankfurt on a Sunday morning that early. Except the Sex Inn (see point 1), and some dodgy shawarma places;

4 – Clear of the point 1, several brisk blocks away, the ultra-modern office district – Frankfurt is a banking town – has some nice architecture and tech down in the lobbies.

At the base of one, beside a Japanese restaurant, there was this interesting digital signage installation made up of synchronized LCD displays. A few of them were out, but I liked the overall effect, which was a bit like a video wall, but approached differently. The set-up sequenced through a bunch of images, one for each panel, that changed every few seconds.

I have no idea who this was for, as the content didn’t really say, and the only brand I could see was for the restaurant right beside it. But I kinda liked it (though I’m not sure how well it would do in daylight conditions).





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