Uber Competitor Gett Using Digital OOH Screens To Optimize Messaging In NYC Campaign

October 29, 2015 by Dave Haynes

GETT-BC07-M1-1971482-OGT Kiosk-10.12.15 (4)


I wonder sometimes if there is more blah-blah going on about real-time, hyper-targeted Digital OOH campaigns than actual executions, but here’s an example of a brand pushing immediacy and relevance through the medium.

Gett is an on-demand car service building up its user base and competing with Uber, Lift and taxi companies in New York City and elsewhere. The startup is working with the media planning agency Posterscope to get its value proposition out across a variety of screens in Manhattan, notably its fixed pricing on the island (south of 110th) and its no-surge pricing policy.


The creative can currently be seen on multiple screens across New York City in kiosks, newsstands, bus shelters, restrooms, urban panels, elevators and bars.

“Gett continues to emerge as a force in the highly competitive on-demand car service market and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help support their growth efforts,” says Helma Larkin, CEO of Posterscope USA, in a news release. “We’ve designed and deployed an innovative campaign that strongly promotes Gett’s competitive differences and leverages a wide range of digital screens that blanket New York City and encourage new users to give Gett a try.”

Posterscope’s is doing real-time buying for digital screens in elevators and bars. To maximize efficiency and budget, Gett’s campaign is seen on certain screens during peak viewing hours. For example, in office building elevators, the campaign can be seen during work hours with an emphasis on the 4-8 PM timeframe when people are commonly leaving the office and when on-demand car price surging is most common. In bars, the campaign can be seen during evening and night hours as well as when weekend traffic tends to increase.

Presumably, that means in and around subways, it’s running all the time.

Posterscope says the campaign has been successful in driving downloads of the Gett mobile application and encouraging new user trials.

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