Save $200 Today On An Xlab Ticket

October 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes


If your work in digital signage sees you in meetings where the client or the bosses start talking about their aspirations for transforming a space, or creating an experience, you kinda sorta need to get to New York in a couple of weeks for an event called Xlab.

The day-long event is organized by the Society for Experiential Graphic Designs, and pulls together many of the top thinkers and doers who turn retail, corporate and public spaces into engaging visual feasts.

This year’s conference on Nov. 5th is all about transformation – focused on cities, retail, business, and public spaces. There’s also a session on wearables.

I moderated a panel last year, and though the event was great. I’m doing that again this year, running a session on Retail that includes Neil Redding from Gensler, David Kepron from Little, and   Joseph Karadin from ESI.

You can save $200 on the conference price today, via an afternoon flash sale run off DailyDOOH, which is apparently also a blog that looks at the digital signage industry.

Who knew  ;-]

The tie there, of course, is DailyDOOH’s active and very impressive efforts to cultivate the idea of a New York Digital Signage Week.

If you are going, see you there. If you are on the fence, trust me … Xlab is really good.


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