Yay, I’m Finally Going To ISE

October 19, 2015 by Dave Haynes


photo credit: Thin Ice via photopin (license)

With flights booked and lodgings sorted, I’m all set to finally go to Integrated Systems Europe 2016, which is billed as Europe’s biggest AV and systems integration show.

Every January, I get emails asking if they’ll see me at ISE in Amsterdam, and every year I’ve said, “Nope.”

This year, I’ll say, “Yup.”

I’m not there tag-teaming with a client or anything. Just going. So if you want to set something up, that’s worth BOTH of our time, zip me a note. I know the European market has its own characteristics and players, as does the Middle East, so I expect to learn a hell of a lot and meet piles of people.

ISE is on Feb. 9-12 in Amsterdam.

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