The Virtual Dressing Room Goes To The Museum

October 14, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The virtual dressing room thing right in a retail environment escapes me a little bit (being old, male and clueless never helps), but a software company that specializes in this stuff recently showcased an interesting, very different use for the tech at a famed museum.

Zugara was one of a short list of companies asked to demonstrate their goodies at the Smithsonian Innovation Festival. The company used its WSS for Kiosks Virtual Dressing Room software to show how people could try on historical costumes virtually, use subtracted and replaced backgrounds, and take photos of the output.

Pretty cool. I’m not sure about trying on outfits virtually at Banana Republic, but seeing what you look like in a 13th century Japanese ceremonial robe is something few people get to really do … so why not virtual?


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