Valotalive, Signagelive Partner On Real-Time Data Visualization Services

August 25, 2015 by Dave Haynes


A couple of “live” companies have put together a partnership to start using HTML5 in bringing real-time visualized content to digital signage screens, particularly in business environments.

The deal – a global partnership – is between Finland’s Valotalive and the UK’s Signagelive. It includes packaged RSS news and weather feeds, as well as social media and transport updates. But the key difference between this and more conventional syndicated content services is with visualized business data.

Valotalive’s cloud-based service, says a news release, “gives companies the power to instantly visualize and share business data extracted from customer business systems, offering greater consumer/partner engagement transforming static information into a visual story.”

Signagelive’s customer and partner base now has access to an extensive range of smart content services and applications. The attraction of such smart content is the whole set-it-and-forget-it nature of visualized data – where once a format and template is established and data links made, the content updates and re-draws itself on the fly.

One of the first business services the company has built templates around is Salesforce, having hooked into real-time data from the CRM giant to provide real-time updates on screens for sales teams of all stripes.


“Organizations are increasingly seeing the potential power of the information stored across their business, from their back-end systems to social media and even in their people’s heads,” says Kaijus Asteljoki, CEO of Valotalive. “This is driving an increase in the demand for data visualization and real-time data driven content services.”

You will see more and more of this sort of thing because data viz is the content gift that can keep on giving.  Data visualization is one of the key topics being explored three weeks tomorrow at



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