Projects: Uniqlo Powers Digital Selfies Using In-Store Screens & WeChat

August 24, 2015 by Dave Haynes



Via AdAge

The Japanese apparel retailer used in-store displays to interact with the mobile app WeChat to drive its brand in a recent promotion focused on the Chinese market.

AdAge reports how the brand’s “Style Your Life” campaign helped more than double its number of WeChat followers, from 400,000 when the campaign launched last year to 1 million when it finished six months later. Since then, Uniqlo has grown the follower base to 2 million.

The campaign worked via monitors in-store; people tried on outfits in front of them, and different backgrounds appeared, making people look as though they were out seeing the sights in Tokyo or London. The machine would send a photo of the image to WeChat, where people could share it.

About one-third of people who received photos chose to share them, either via WeChat or on the web. The campaign also worked without the monitors, via simple selfie — a way to reach people without a store in their area.

Uniqlo says sales of key items of clothing also increased by 30%.

The story seems to suggest the campaign is not running, so no word on whether the screens are still in use. Would be odd if it is indeed having such a positive impact on sales.

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