Brazilian QSR Bob’s Targeting 1,000 BroadSign-Powered Menu Systems

August 24, 2015 by Dave Haynes


I was asked by a contact recently why there were not more North American companies active in the South American market, and my honest answer was that I didn’t really know, but suspected much of that had to do with companies up here not knowing the size of the opportunities, and the scale of the challenges with wholly unfamiliar markets like Brazil and Colombia.

BroadSign has had a presence of some sort in that market for at least eight years, and it’s paid off – witness a deal announced today with one of the three largest QSR operations in Brazil.

Brazilian digital signage integrator, Digital News TV (DNTV), has put a BroadSign-powered display network in 700 locations (and on 4,000 screens) in something called Bob’s. DNTV’s Innovations Director is a former staff sales guy for BroadSign.

The company is lighting up 20-30 new locations each month with menu displays, with an aim of 1,000 locations in the next year.

“Bob’s displays are viewed by over half a million individuals daily,” says a news release, “and build on the corporation’s strategy to reinforce appetite appeal via technology and innovation. Featuring 100% brand-related content, digital menu boards are day-parted with location-specific pricing updated in real-time based on demand. Point-of-sale and dining area screens advertise promotions and fidelity programs. The LCD displays vary from 19″ to 42″, with digital menu boards arranged as videowalls of up to eight screens.”

The chain switched from static to digital menu boards to create greater control over in-store promotions, reduce visual clutter through targeted day-parting and make menu changes more efficient.


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