Leap Motion Used As Portable Touchscreen Demo

July 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes


When the Leap Motion came out there was quite a bit of curiosity in this sector as to whether it could be used as a low-cost but effective alternative to expensive touchscreen overlays and add-ons.

I ordered one, and tried it out, and was fairly underwhelmed by its capabilities.

drawerofdoomThen it sat on my desk for 2 years, before I put it the desk-drawer of doom, where all the cables and chargers and gizmos I no longer use go to gather dust and wait to be tossed.

But I got a note from RMG Networks‘ PR firm the other day talking about a project that is using the little 3D motion and gesture controller as a portable demo aide.

The Leap Motion-enabled Multi-Touch Presentation Tool was created when RMG was confronted with the challenge of how to package and transport a client’s 46” digital display.  The client, the largest seaport and free zone in the UAE, often travels to showcases, during which it uses RMG’s digital technology to display facilities, videos, galleries, plots, maps, and general information relevant to their new port.

RMG Networks developed an application allowing users the ability to make RMG’s products mobile.  This solution facilitated the transportation of the client’s display without the need for large expenditures on transportation costs or setup fees.

In addition to being mobile, RMG Networks add the capabilities of Leap Motion, the next generation of touch devices. This allowed any screen to become interactive, reducing the dependency on actual touch screens in the field or during shows where such devices can be costly and difficult to secure on short notice.

The project won an ICX Association award for “Best At-Large Deployment” the other day at that organization’s summit in Chicago, which I hear was well-attended and well done.

This is a video that sorta shows how the thing works, though it could do without the 1990s production values and music.


I might have to pull the Leap back out of the drawer and check out its capabilities now. The video at least suggests it is pretty accurate and snappy.

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